Podcast preparation checklist

By following these guidelines, we'll ensure a high-quality podcast recording and a smooth, enjoyable conversation.

☑️ Internet Connection: Please make sure you have a good, stable internet connection. We're using Riverside for recording; it requires a broadband connection.

☑️ Background: If possible, seat yourself against a blank, monotone background. This makes you the focus of the video and reduces visual distractions.

☑️ Dress Code: Try to avoid clothing with busy patterns or big logos. Solid, muted colors usually work best on camera.

☑️ Silent Environment: Please ensure that you're in a quiet room without background noises during the recording to maintain the audio quality.

☑️ Lighting: Ensure there is good lighting. Your face should be clearly visible without any harsh shadows.

☑️ Equipment: If you have an external mic / external camera with better quality, please use it. We are all for higher quality of audio-visual output.

☑️ Device Setup: Your computer / tablet should be fully charged and/or plugged into a power source during the recording.

☑️ Testing Equipment: Test your equipment prior to the recording. Make sure your microphone and headphones are working well, and your internet connection is stable.

☑️ Do Not Disturb Mode: Put your phone on silent or 'Do Not Disturb' mode during the recording to prevent unexpected interruptions.

☑️ Water: Keep a glass of water nearby in case you need it during the conversation.