Guide for contributors

This guide is always improving. Please send us any questions, suggestions or concerns you may have.

Collider is a space where those who value thinking come together and collaborate to spark new ideas and enhance our thinking.

Our purpose, as a community, is to explore the blueprint of an effective thinker.

Here we understand that thinking goes beyond improving our cognitive capacity. Our whole bodies, environments, conversations, and tools can be involved in the act of thinking. Thinking is an essential part of being human.

As a contributor, we invite you to help us unlock the mindset, methods, and tools that can lead us closer to the blueprint.

  • The mindset is a set of beliefs we carry that can influence our thinking (for the good or for the bad).
  • The methods are the practices that put a mindset into work. Let’s talk about strategies, methods, and processes.
  • The tools are the means through which we put a method into practice.

We look forward to your contribution.

Let us join forces and let our thinking collide!

How do the contributions to the Magazine look like?

The magazine is a monthly online issue containing 5 to 7 articles.

The magazine will be published on our website and distributed to a mailing list. Access to the magazine content will be available free of charge and without the need for any membership subscription.

We invite contributions in the form of essays, opinion pieces, and deep dives.

A typical article should contain between 1,000 and 2,000 words (5 to 10 minutes read), but we also support pitches for video articles, visual articles, and other forms of expression.

Each article should cover at least one mindset or method. Articles exclusively about tools will not be accepted as submissions to the magazine. We may have another venue within the Collider Space exclusive for tools but that is not certain yet.

Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of topic areas covered by the magazine:

  • Sensemaking
  • Mental clarity
  • Neuroscience
  • Metacognition
  • Thinking spaces
  • Critical thinking
  • Cognitive health
  • Problem-solving
  • Systems thinking
  • Tools for thought
  • Enhanced memory
  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Philosophy of mind
  • Learning strategies
  • Embodied cognition
  • Conceptual creativity
  • AI-enhanced cognition
  • Knowledge management

How to contribute?

Fill out the form

Or send an email to with

  1. Subject: “Article for Magazine”
  2. Content: A short abstract explaining what your content will be about.
  3. Author information: One link where we can learn more about you and your work/ideas (e.g. social media profile, personal blog, a collection of website posts) - not needed for invited authors

If your pitch gets accepted you will need to:

  1. Send us a draft at an agree date (date sent with your confirmation email).
  2. Send us a complete version at a set date, including your bio and suggestion of images to go with the article.
  3. Give us (non-exclusive) permission to publish and distribute your article. Also, confirm you have the copyrights over the content of the article (i.e. you haven’t copied it from anyone else).

If your pitch is accepted you should hear from us within 1 week from your submission.

What can/can’t you have in your article?

  • No sponsored content, affiliate links, or links to paid products are allowed within the articles.
  • You can have a max. of 1 link redirecting to your own materials.
  • You can have as many links to external sources as you wish, as soon as they enrich the content of the article and the reader’s experience.
  • We will add your bio and links so people can learn more about your work/ideas at the end of each article. These links do not count towards your 1-link per article quota.