Collider Digest (Between Issues)

Collider Digest (Between Issues)

As we're working on the next issue of Collider magazine, we invite you to check the latest updates related to our main theme: better thinking.

What happened?

Elon Musk launched xAI

He said the goal with xAI is to build a good AGI (artificial general intelligence) with the purpose of understanding the universe.

There are a lot of unresolved questions and AI can help us to solve them.

xAI: Understand the Universe
xAI is a new company founded by Elon Musk that sets out to understand the universe.

Consciousness is still a mystery

25 years ago, Christof Koch and David Chalmers had a wager.
Koch's bet: By 2023, we'll unravel how the brain produces consciousness.
Obviously, he lost.
We still don't understand how consciousness emerges.
Some insights about this case in the article below.

Decades-long bet on consciousness ends — and it’s philosopher 1, neuroscientist 0
Christof Koch wagered David Chalmers 25 years ago that researchers would learn how the brain achieves consciousness by now. But the quest continues.

Claude strengthens it’s cognitive abilities

Anthropic Claude 2 has arrived.

Claude is a direct competitor to GPT-4. It's cheaper and shows strong reasoning abilities.

Talk to Claude, an AI assistant from Anthropic

Knowledge management has a bad rep

Cortex Futura observation on "Personal Knowledge Management" and "Knowledge Management" both have bad reputations but for entirely different reasons.

Creating a personalised learning experience from notes

Dr. Philippa Hardman published a powerful essay on how to combine learning science and AI.

How to Turn Your Notes into a Personalised Learning Experience, using ChatGPT
An experiment in the combined power of learning science + AI

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