Welcome to Collider!

Welcome to Collider!

Hey, we are Bianca, Andrew and Fis!

We’ve created Collider as a space where the community of those who value thinking comes together and collaborate to spark new ideas and enhance our thinking.

We’re on a mission to explore the blueprint of an effective thinker, together. That means to unlock the mindset, methods, and tools that can make a positive difference.

Collider is still being born as a community space. Our intention is to grow it for the community, from the community, and with the community.

And to get us all started, we are launching the Collider Magazine, a monthly online publication featuring articles from the community.

We invite contributions in the form of essays, opinion pieces, and deep dives. Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of topic areas:

  • Sensemaking
  • Mental clarity
  • Neuroscience
  • Metacognition
  • Thinking spaces
  • Critical thinking
  • Cognitive health
  • Problem-solving
  • Systems thinking
  • Tools for thought
  • Enhanced memory
  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Philosophy of mind
  • Learning strategies
  • Embodied cognition
  • Conceptual creativity
  • AI-enhanced cognition
  • Knowledge management

If you would like to collaborate, please take a look at our Guide for Contributors.